Badge identificativo

Access control and ID card

ID card and Access control

Badge identificativo

AMA Group supplies control access cards and office personnel badges to government, assciations, healthcare hospitality, cruise and transport sectors


Visible features ensure the security:

  • Hologram
  • Uv Varnish
  • Transparent Uv
  • Micro text
  • Laser engraving


Control access works with different technologies

  •  Magstripe
  •  Rfid and mifare chip (low, high, ultra frequency)
  •  Combo card
  •  Contact chip (memory chip, microprocessor)
  •  Dual interface


Fitness center, swimming pool,  tourist resort ask more often  for personalized  identification,  access control wristband and RFID  key tags.
WRISTBAND are waterproof and they can be in silicone or polyester. HF chips are more often used, you can have Mifare, Fudan chips and so on.


Our IT department focuses on the development of custom software applications that require high level of security.
To ensure data flow security, files are exchanged on a dedicated SFTP area.
Technical department supports our IT area,   particularly:

  • checks the received files
  • processes files
  • prepares files  for customization
  • generates  summary file upon customer request
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