Card and fullfilment represent Amagroup’s core business: from conception to realization, every action is carried out with the utmost professionalism and a great passion that allow to reach the highest quality standards and above all to fully satisfy the needs of each customer

Loyalty Card

Captivate your customers by creating an engaging card that promotes your image and develops a relationship with them, stimulating them to increase the frequency of purchases.

ID card

All the security and technology in a smart card dedicated to authentication, identification and management of corporate credentials.

Gift Cards

A powerful means to be exploited as a tool for encouraging and retaining customers and employees.

Payment Cards

Amagroup offers its experience to provide innovative, safe and quality financial cards. In the production and card customization departments, each processing is the result of maximum controls on data security and quality.


Associative Cards

Amagroup solutions make it easy to send one-to-one messages and personalized promotions. Loyalty cards, membership cards and VIP cards that allow access to facilities and events and track consumer behavior.

Dedicated papers and projects

Electronic meal vouchers have great advantages for everyone: for companies that save compared to meal tickets, paper with a better efficiency; for commercial businesses thanks to faster electronic accounting; for employees due to their simplicity and comfort.

Ecological papers

Production of cardboard cards to ensure maximum respect for the environment and also the benefit of cost savings, always benefiting from high quality Amagroup.

Loyalty platform

A platform created for the management of benefits for the customer, through the interaction of the consumer with the brand that occurs from the simple purchase in the store to online interactions.