The POS terminal reads the microchip and connects to the server of the company that issued the meal vouchers, in this way the amount of the expense is recorded and deducted from the amount. All transactions are recorded and reported in the billing of the company in which the employee works and of the company that issues the tickets.

The electronic mode offers the advantage of reducing tax avoidance and evasion linked to paper vouchers.

Electronic meal vouchers have great advantages for everyone:

  • For companies: cheaper than paper meal vouchers, more efficient because the transactions are done with the POS, deductible and with VAT at 4%, exemption from INPS and IRPEF contributions.
  • For commercial businesses: faster electronic booking and payment by the issuing company can be done in less time; the risk of theft and loss is eliminated and in any case the card can be blocked so that the owner does not lose the value contained therein
  • For employees: simpler and more convenient to use; the tickets are loaded directly on the card by the administration without having to go to collect them.
  • Finally there is the tax saving : their deductibility is increased from 5.29 to 7 euros each and up to this daily figure they do not contribute to forming work income.

  • The process for the company that decides to switch to electronic tickets is very simple

  • Establishing an agreement with the company that issues meal vouchers

  • In the contract, choose the value of each ticket and how the employees can use it

  • The issuing company will deliver the card to each employee with the list of establishments affiliated to the circuit.

  • The employee will use the card with the credit debited as he would use an ATM or a credit card.


The classic paper pad containing the meal vouchers for employees has become electronic and has given way to the more practical, simple and manageable Card.

The value of the restaurant tickets that are given to employees on a monthly basis is now loaded into a card.

Thanks to the magnetic strip and the microchip, the credit is direct and the Card can be used as an ATM.

The decree of the Ministry of Economic Development has introduced new provisions on meal vouchers that allow the cumulation of up to 8 tickets simultaneously, regardless of their amount, and the usability in multiple shops, thus giving way to make more purchases together.

The list of shops where restaurant tickets can be spent is increased and above all includes more types of merchants. In fact, the law refers to “supplies of food products ready for consumption” and therefore, in addition to the administration of food and beverages, include products that can be purchased in supermarkets, craft businesses, farms, holiday farms, fish farms and farm shops.