Payment cards and innovative technological solutions

AmaGroup combines an internal production and personalization service with an innovative technological software development
that, based on the customer’s specifications, allows us to provide a complete product and service that meets a wide range of needs.

Contact card and double interface, chosen among a variety of 6 or 8 contact chips, in gold and silver
or in different colors, to improve your design or characterize your logo.

Thanks to our staff we can support the customer in the study and development of new
high value-added payment solutions thanks to the application of latest generation technologies.


Creating  personalized payment cards  with us means being able to count on:

  1. Innovation:  offered by payment solutions made with the latest technology.
  2.  Card customization (contact, contactless, RFID, dual interface, NFC) and applications that comply with EMV standards.
  3.  Customized packaging  and  mailing .
  4. Fullfillment.
  5. Dedicated logistics and distribution management

Application Sectors

Amagroup  has considerable experience in the sector, formed by the many collaborations with the leading international companies in the governmental, insurance, oil, retail and large-scale markets for which it has produced countless payment cards, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, cards with magnetic stripe and Micro Processors.