In an age where everything runs fast, the continuous technological developments make obsolete what is new today. Keeping up with the times means taking the best of what we have, increasing it and changing it according to new needs to offer cutting-edge solutions that modern development offers in various fields.

And this is what we do every day for you with our cards and our services!

Every element resulting from our work is studied and developed so that it can continue to be useful in the future, if possible even more than it is now.

From the materials used to make our cards to the customizations we use important research and development studies to offer you the best that can be on the market.

Our services , already complete and efficient to offer you a complete package and leave you carefree, are subjected to analysis and verification of excellence: we are always looking for something more for you.

Technology and digitalization are our great allies, we rely on them to always be competitive and at the forefront with our offers. They help us anticipate the times and see and be able to grasp the solutions of the future.

By analyzing the different sales channels, the numbers show that the request and the amount of cards have increased. We must be ready to offer what is required and develop it with digital solutions so that it contains everything that the technology is developing.

We live in a completely connected world and will be more and more in all areas and in all markets. This ensures that the information on each of us and on everything around us is increasingly in-depth and circular. Amagroup is dedicated to making this an advantage by contributing its products and services to make the thousands of actions that are now part of the common life simpler , faster and safer .



Each of us owns and is identified by a myriad of driving license cards, identity cards, fiscal codes, ATM cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, access badges for work, sports activities, etc. – many of which are associated with username and password. Today we are all asked for almost the same information, but in the future these tools will know our tastes, our habits, our lifestyles, our curiosities and our interests in order to help us make everyday life easier and have more time for ourselves. There are huge investments in technologies that move in this direction and that will contribute to making our identity even more secure.

By now it is a fact of life: the centrality of the customer is indispensable in order to reach its business objectives . It is important to satisfy his needs, and give him what he wants, but often he doesn’t even know it until he finds it in front of him. They want answers from us and they also want to be pleasantly surprised by the solutions offered to them. The customer is more and more attentive to his own consumption, he is prepared and demanding.

Technology and human relations go hand in hand, because while on the one hand the demanding customer is able to get by on his own with the technological tools and demands that they be efficient and safe and that they allow him to see their position in real time; on the other hand, the human relationship is fundamental, it makes it feel calmer and it is easier to trust the brand. The combination of these two elements is and will be a winning element in the future.