By now, most workplaces are accessed via badges because they help create a safe environment in which you always know who is present in the structure, to simplify business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization .

The badges of employees and collaborators, of those who daily or occasionally enter the workplace, help you control access and provide greater security for your company and your employees.


Each of us can live the most diverse experiences in the field of identification, regardless of what we are doing: entering the workplace, crossing borders by accessing e-government services, paying purchases, registering on corporate networks, etc.


With Amagroup you can have badges with the most innovative technology : microchip cards, RFID technology, magnetic band. A global service that also includes the hardware and software system that allows immediate printing of your company identification badges on site and immediately release them to employees and visitors.

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your company with personalized badges?


Amagroup offers and guarantees a high security and reliability identification thanks to the use of advanced technologies. Amagroup products and solutions range from the physical world of payment cards, identity cards, etc. to the digital world of authentication, certificates and secure communications.