Loyalty cards and subscription cards with unique and special customizations are valuable objects for your customers and help to build solid relationships with them and to have revenue increases.

In an extremely competitive market, knowing how to distinguish yourself with state-of-the-art cards and loyalty programs is necessary to keep your customers’ attention focused on your brand.

Amagroup solutions bring your creative ideas to life. We can add any type of personalization to your cards in an economic and fast way: from photos to graphics, from variable data to technology and much more. With our services, we support you in creating engaging texts for promotions and mailings.

All of our solutions, combinations of folding, card stocking, object fastening and high-speed inkjet printing offer high quality results, appreciated and remembered by customers.

Are you ready to get better results? To reduce costs and have more security?



How to manage marketing activities in a highly performing manner

  • Benefits:  we help establish programs that maximize safety and optimize efficiency

while reducing risks and the total cost of operations.

  • Complete portfolio:  our solutions include innovative software, reliable hardware,

safe supplies and expert service with a global impact.

  • Collaborative approach: we  work with customers, working locally and side by side to solve complex problems.
  • Flexibility:  we believe the fundamental flexibility to meet specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.
  • Fluid distribution:  refined in the most demanding environments, our solutions guarantee smooth integration and installation, so that they can be implemented safely.
  • Extensive experience:  every day, our solutions are used to customize and deliver 10 million cards and 5 million smart cards.
  • Global footprint:  we stand next to our customers with a world-class service and support network covering 120 countries.


Careful consumers expect  highly personalized products and services .

This expectation extends to the way they interact with brands.

Retailers, casinos, theme parks and other loyalty / affiliate organizations that deliver meaningful one-to-one messages, including offers, promotions and other customer communications, are rewarded with  more revenue and better brand recognition .

Amagroup solutions   make the distribution of one-to-one messages and personalized promotions easy and convenient. Our solutions allow you to issue loyalty cards and cards that identify the VIPs, guarantee access to facilities and events and keep track of consumer behavior. We also provide systems that create unique promotions, key tags, mailings and other evasion items.



One of the biggest challenges for loyalty and membership programs is to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.

To be successful, programs must win customers’ attention and keep them alive on their brand. That’s why  Amagroup solutions  are  designed to bring your creative ideas to life .