Amagroup presents the ICR system: the data entry

Data Base

Having a good  database , perfectly structured and working is essential to efficiently manage the work with the customers obtaining concrete results.

Being close to the customer and potential customers by strategically organizing the information you have about them and providing them with the tools they need is the method to increase their satisfaction and ensure loyalty.

For these reasons the  data entry system  must be highly performing and very simple to use.


DigitAma is  a platform that  Amagroup  has developed for the management of customer benefits, this is achieved through the interaction of the consumer with the brand that occurs from the simple purchase in the store to online interactions.

The system is constantly evolving to meet customer needs and to meet the needs of a dynamic and flexible market.



Integrated with  DigitAma , there is a highly performing ICR  system  that allows you to  automatically acquire the customer registry , from paper application forms, automatically entering the data in the relevant fields. The whole system works in “cloud”, where operators log in with their own credentials and with high security levels. The system allows you to acquire both modules filled out by hand and not to automatically read barcode and qrcode of any format.

The ICR system   allows  the digitization of the paper form in pdf format and the relative association with the customer’s registration form , so that, by consulting the registry, it is also possible to view the form signed by the customer. Once the module has been scanned, you can view the document digitally; the system performs a first automatic check, if something should not be read by the system and then managed manually. Our ICR system can work either through the DigitAma platform   or  can be integrated perfectly with existing systems .