Connection with fuel columns


DigitAma is prepared for connection, in real time, via Web Services and / or batch, with the main fuel dispensing columns (Gilbarco, Tokeim, etc.) and carry out the authorization function. When dispensing the fuel dispensing column, call DigitAma to have the authorization for delivery and the delivery thresholds set for the customer.

At the end of the delivery, the movement is communicated to DigitAma together with the various data (liters dispensed, amount spent, date and time of delivery, product delivered, customer information, etc.). At this point DigitAma sends any communications to be printed on the receipt, such as: active promotions, coupons, Instant Win, information messages, prizes, etc.

Service station: Differentiated benefits to encourage the purchase of fuel or self-service (bonus, InstarWin, gaming, etc.). Example: activation of an InstantWin competition on all self-refueling fuel supplies.