The  DigitAma platform  also handles the  management of benefits  to customers through their interaction with the brand and the  electronic money  (prepaid and postpaid).

It is able to  support  very high transactional volumes  thanks to its solid structure and scalability.

The high level of computer security  is guaranteed by the  PCI-DSS 3.2 certification.

Our platform,  widely equipped with APIs , integrates with external systems allowing complete interaction with different devices and actors.

DigitAma censuses any pdv / device .

The benefits of the promotional campaign are managed with great simplicity and practicality and the various retailers are geolocated with their devices.

DigitAma can provide benefits in real time, both via SMS and e-mail and with tickets issued by POS or Front-end cash and push notifications from smartphones.

A system capable of  integrating with any type of platform, management or external device .



It is essential for us to be able to guarantee safety, which  is why DigitAma is certified  PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) , the highest certification of computer security at international level. This allows us to  work with sensitive bank card  data ensuring that our customers’ data is not manipulated.



Because our platform allows a  complete management of the credit wallet , both prepaid and postpaid, and offers the possibility of combining on the same card even a  points purse  for a possible loyalty campaign.

It can be perfectly integrated with any  column management system .

The platform is able to satisfy all the needs related to the management of the credit and points purse because it guarantees:

  • Maximum  data security  .
  • The possibility of  integration with any external application.
  • The ability to  manage exposures  through the lock / unlock mechanism linked to invoicing.
  • The possibility of  managing price lists.
  • The ability to  assign a customized price list per customer .
  • The possibility of  creating a database marketing  for the realization of promotional and communication activities with customers.


Cards with prepaid credit or fuel vouchers have a scaled value and allow the  payment of fuel without the use of cash. These can be, for example, recharged by the company owner and released to employees as benefits.

They are available in multiple versions:

  • DISPOSABLE : it is possible to make only credit unloading transactions on the card and, once the value on the card has ended, it can no longer be reused.
  • RECHARGEABLE : it is possible to perform both the unloading movements and the credit loading movements.

They can be:

  • DEFAULT VALUE : the cards can be preloaded with a predetermined value in credits and usually this amount is printed on the card.
  • FREE VALUE : the amount requested by the customer upon activation of the card can be loaded.


Postpaid card is dedicated to companies that have a fleet  of their own, for third parties or in leasing, in addition to  cashless supply , it allows  payment at the end of the month .

The card is issued to the owner of the company and to it the cards of the employees who use company cars are connected, allowing an easy management of the fleet.

From the card management area it is possible to view, for each license plate and at any time,  a detailed report of the supplies made  (date and time, service station, product, price, any discount applied, total spent).



DigitAma fully manages the various contractual conditions applied to  card holders,  by creating personalized daily price lists for consumers .

In fact, each card / customer can be assigned a price list with the prices to be charged for each product and that can be changed every day depending on the trend of the market indices.

It is also possible to apply to the card / customer a  discount in value to  be made at the price of the price list associated with it or at the pump price.

It is also possible to define, for each card / customer,  special conditions to be applied for specific networks / service stations , such as a different price list than the default one for the card / customer and / or other value discounts.


Ama Digital points purse is very  flexible and configurable for all the needs  of a loyalty campaign.

The card holder customer can automatically collect reward points based on his / her purchases and the points / euro weighting established by the promoter and the store owner based on his / her margins and sales policy.

The points purse can be combined with post-paid credit cards, increasing driver satisfaction and allowing them to collect loyalty points.



For customers with a  postpaid card, it  is possible to  manage a credit line  that is updated in real time after each refueling: when refueling, the fuel dispensing column / Pos communicates with DigitAma  to request authorization for delivery and the platform responds based on availability and credit settings.

If the customer  ends the amount granted on the credit line  before the deadline,  the card is blocked , in order to prevent the delivery. When the credit line is restored, following the  payment of the invoice or contractual changes  communicated by the management software,  the card is released  and can be used immediately.

Maximum credit limit thresholds can be set  at weekly, monthly or annual intervals.




With DigitAma  the  connection with external applications is very simple , thanks to the advanced Web Services architecture on which it is built. It integrates easily with: management, cash desk front-end, CRM software, external applications, etc., providing a  robust Bback-end engine .

The Web Services service is highly secure,  PCI-DSS certified , uses the  SOAP protocol and secure and encrypted transmission channels .

The Web Services provide a series of  functions that allow replication of the possible operation with the various terminals  and also other specific functions capable of greatly expanding the interaction with the platform and with the end user. This allows connection to a website or mobile or management app for viewing and managing the prize catalog and the request for rewards from customers.

An automatic SFTP service  is also active,  dedicated to the acquisition and sending of large amounts of data to or from external platforms. Data acquisition takes place through the interchange of files with record layout defined with third parties (txt, csv, etc.) on secure and encrypted SFTP protocol.



Our  authorization system  is structured and designed to integrate and synchronize in real time and / or via batch with the  management software.

From the management software, DigitAma acquires the customer  data and related  credit lines  and  daily price lists , so as to correctly enhance the entire movement and communicate the correct supply limits to the fuel / Pos delivery columns.

DigitAma  sends to the management all the handling relating to refueling , acquired from the fuel dispensing columns / Pos, and enhances it with the prices contained in the price lists, in order to allow the billing of the customer and the update of his credit.



DigitAma is  prepared for the connection , in real time, via Web Services and / or batch,  with the main columns supplying fuel  (Gilbarco, Tokeim, etc.) to carry out the authorization function.

At the time of delivery, the fuel dispensing column calls our platform to have  the authorization for delivery  and  the  delivery thresholds  set for the customer. At the end of the delivery, the movement is communicated to DigitAma together with the various data (liters dispensed, amount spent, date and time of the supply, product delivered, customer information, etc.). DigitAma then sends any communications to be printed on the receipt, such as: active promotions, coupons, instant win, information messages, prizes, etc.




Interaction with customers is the fundamental strategic tool for the growth of one’s business, there are many ways to develop it:

  • Service station:  through differentiated benefits to incentivize the purchase of fuel served or self (bonus, instant win, gaming, etc.), for example: activation of an instant win contest on all refueling in self mode.
  • Shop and services:  through benefits for those who buy products in the shop or those who use the services (washing, oil change, etc.), for example: release of a benefit for the purchase of fuel to those who carry out the oil change.
  • Partners:  through benefits for those who make purchases from affiliated partners, for example: activation of partnerships with points of sale of various product categories that offer reward points to those enrolled in the program.
  • Web & Gaming:  through benefits for those who register and interact with the website or participate in gaming initiatives, for example: release of a benefit to those who register on the website.
  • App:  through benefits for those who use and interact with the App dedicated to the customer card holder, for example: release of a benefit to those who download the App and send push notifications related to promotions.
  • Social:  through benefits for those who register and interact with the active social for the service station, for example: release of a benefit to those who put “Like” on a post on the Facebook page.


We have developed an App connected to the Ama Digital database to allow customers to  manage their card directly from their smartphone .

With the Mobile App you can:

  • Record the personal data  by the customer (based on the data request form set during the campaign configuration phase), with  certification of privacy consent and mobile phone number .
  • Display the card directly on the smartphone display  (dematerialization of the card).
  • Check the movements made with the card  with geolocation.
  • Check the credit line and the credit balance .
  • Display the service stations  on which the card can be used.
  • View  active promotions  on the card.
  • View the points balance , the prizes in the catalog and  request a prize  (if the loyalty function is active  ).


The Web Customers Area has the same functions as the Mobile App, but the customer accesses it by connecting to the Web.

The Web Area is also connected to the DigitAma database and allows:

  • Record the personal data  by the customer (based on the data request form set during the campaign configuration phase), with  certification of privacy consent and email address .
  • Check the movements made with the card .
  • Check the credit line and the credit balance .
  • Display the service stations  on which the card can be used.
  • View active promotions  on the card.
  • View the points balance, the prizes in the catalog and request a prize  (if the loyalty function is active  ).


DigitAma has a powerful promotional engine that can create, manage and analyze promotional initiatives that act as campaign accelerators.

The platform has a wizard  inside  that guides the operator in creating the promotion, according to the following step logic:

WHO -> CLUSTERIZATION : selection of customers on which to activate a specific promotion based on certain parameters.

WHEN -> VALIDITY PERIOD : selection of the period (dates, times, days of the week) in which to activate the promotion.

WHERE -> MOVEMENTS AND NETWORKS : selection of the type of movements and shops (network, sub-network, shop) on which to activate the promotion.

WHAT -> TYPE OF BENEFITS : selection of the benefit that the customer can obtain (discounts, coupons, prizes, instant win, etc.).