DigitAma is a platform created to manage customer base benefits, through customer interaction with the sign, and e-money (prepaid and post-paid cards), and was designed to support large transaction volumes, currently tens of millions per month , thanks to its solid structure and scalability.

The Oracle Data Base, Java programming and integration with Amazon systems, allow DigitAma not to set limits. Furthermore, PCI-DSS 3.2 certification guarantees a high level of IT security. The pyramidal subdivision with which it is structured allows the benefits of the promotional campaign to be managed with great simplicity and practicality, as well as being able to geolocalize the various retailers with their devices (Pos, Front-End, Management, Mobile, etc.).

Prepaid credit

1. Use and Throw: On the card it is possible to make only credit unloading movements, and once the amount is over it cannot be used anymore.
2. Default Value: it is possible to preload cards with a predetermined value in credits. In this case the value of the Card is usually printed on it. 3. Free Value: At the time of activation of the Card an X credit can be charged as per the buyer’s request.
4. Rechargeable: On the card it is possible to carry out both debit and credit transfer transactions

Credit management

Cards with prepaid credit or fuel vouchers are cards with a scaled value, which allow the payment of fuel without the use of cash. These can be, for example, recharged by the company owner and released to employees as benefits. They exist in the disposable or rechargeable version and can be at default or free.

Postpaid credit

Postpaid card dedicated to all companies that have a fleet of their own, on behalf of third parties or leased, which in addition to refueling without cash, allows payment at the end of the month. It is issued to the owner of the company and the cards of employees who use company cars are connected to it, allowing easy management of the fleet. From the card management area it is possible to view, for each license plate and at any time, a detailed report of the supplies made (date and time, service station, product, price, any discount applied, total spent).