Interaction with the customer


Service station: Differentiated benefits to encourage the purchase of fuel or self-service (bonus, InstarWin, gaming, etc.). Example: activation of an InstantWin competition on all self-refueling fuel supplies.

Shop and services: Benefits for those who buy products in the shop or those who use the services (washing, oil change, etc.). Example: release of a benefit for the purchase of fuel to those who carry out the oil change.

Partners: Benefits for those who make purchases from affiliated partners. Example: activation of partnership with the point of sale of various product categories that offer reward points to those enrolled in the program.

Web & Gaming: Benefits for those who register and interact with the website or participate in gaming initiatives. Example: release of a benefit to those who register on the website.

Benefit app for those who use and interact with the App dedicated to the card holder customer. Example: release of a benefit to those who download the App and send push notifications related to promotions. Social Benefit for those who register and interact with social networks for the service station. Example: release of a benefit to those who put “Like” on a post on the Facebook page.

The Customers App was developed to allow customers to manage their card directly from their smartphone. The App is in fact connected to the DigitAma database and allows:
• Registration of the personal data by the customer (based on the data request form set during the campaign configuration phase), with certification of privacy consent and mobile number.
• The display of the card directly on the smartphone display (dematerialization of the card).
• The control of the movements made with the card with geolocation.
• Credit and credit balance control.
• The display of service stations on which the card can be used.
• Active promotions on card.
• The display of the points balance, the prizes in the catalog, the possibility to request a prize (if the loyalty function is active).