Smart card

With smart cards, choose the technology that suits your needs. Amagroup provides different technologies to make this type of card all accompanied by the experience and professionalism that satisfies every feature and requirement.

Possibility of choosing to issue on-site identification and access control cards using the most innovative hardware and software solutions, which include the production and printing of cards complete with personalization and distribution services.

Multiple solutions: dual interface / contactless smart cards for access control or payments or for secure payment transactions.

Different types of customization options : chip coding, bar code and RFID and the most advanced technologies such as laser engraving. Scheduled mailings for bulk mailings or to a single customer.


The cards are made with the latest technology : magnetic strip, contact, contactless ( RFID-Mifare also known as proximity technology) and dual interface .

The RFID and Mifare cards can be used in various sectors of use: hotel facilities for opening doors or for cashless sales, making purchases from vending machines or for using paid services, such as the use of photocopiers .

Access and identification go hand in hand: with RFID technology you can automatically identify and guarantee controlled access.


At Amagroup only maximum safety standards are applied :

  • Sensitive data is managed only by authorized personnel to access the reception and processing.
  • All facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, 24 hours a day.
  • The customization areas are separate from the other areas of the company and access is allowed only to authorized personnel.
  • Our quality control system includes periodic audits to verify the correct application of security and data flow systems.

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