Multi application smart card

Amagroup  puts its technological platform at your disposal for the issue and management of  multi-application smart cards , capable of hosting different types of applications and areas.

The smart card thus becomes a real “technological container” that can be populated over time with various types of contents and functions in order to offer useful services to the owners and to create new business opportunities for the card owner.

The card can be issued with all the applications on board the microprocessor or it can be updated later with new contents.


Applications can be of various natures and types, for example:

  • Payment management in “debit” or “pre-paid” mode
  • Payment management in “credit” mode
  • loyalty programs
  • Collected points
  • Access control
  • Electronic meal voucher

A web portal offers functionality both to issuing institutions (issuers) and to card users.

The entity that decides to use this service can use the web to define its own card pool and configure its behavior based on the applications it decides to install on the microprocessor’s memory. Again through the web, the institution has the ability to  monitor the status of the cards , request their  re-issue  and  permanently disable the lost ones .

In turn, the user has access to information relating to his card; specifically, based on the type of applications configured on the microprocessor, it can view the transaction history, the points collected, the lights on, etc.

The project also includes the development of the infrastructural part concerning the  POS devices  necessary for the management of transactions. Developed on  Android Mobile technology, they  will make it possible to  transform a common NFC smartphone into a real POS , equipped with all the flexibility and security required to manage the transaction in the best possible way.

The sellers, once they have downloaded the software onto their smartphone and completed the registration phase, can begin to  manage the cards without any additional cost and without the need to acquire new dedicated devices for that purpose .