Loyalty Campaign Management

Success requires strategic thinking, operational adaptability and a partner committed to continuous innovation.

  • Reward your customers
  • Increase your sales and your loyal customers
  • Get to know your customers’ habits better thanks to the original loyalty solutions.
  • Strengthen relationships with consumers by involving them with information, rewards and activities.

Amagroup  offers an ideal tool for the management of benefits through the interaction of the consumer with the brand, from the simple purchase in the store to online solutions.

One solution to manage all your campaigns.


How to manage marketing activities in a highly performing manner

DigitAma  is a platform created for the management of benefits for the customer, through the interaction of the consumer with the brand that occurs from the simple purchase in the store to online interactions. An effective and innovative system for those who do not yet have their own  loyalty card , but which also offers great advantages to those who already have it because it integrates and strengthens the tools already in use.

The Amagroup  platform  is constantly evolving to guarantee loyalty systems able to anticipate marketing changes through technological innovations and to meet the needs of a dynamic and flexible market.

The relationship with the customer takes place  online in real time :

  •  data security
  • Data  instant and always available
  •  welcome relationship with the customer entering the store
  •  updated and receivable customer information on all devices
  • interactions  with websites, social networks, e-commerce, management, etc.

The platform manages the relationship with the customer through multiple interaction channels:  SMS  and  email , web (user area),  smartphone (app),  social media ,  tickets  (receipt messages),  gaming ,  touch screen totems  (for decentralized profiling via games),  coupons and vouchers .

The  powerful promotion engine  DigitAma  creates, manages and analyzes the commercial initiatives that can  accelerate the marketing campaign . It guides the operator in creating the most effective promotion following the logic of the chi (clustering), when (period of validity), where (movements and networks) and what (type of benefits).

Information can be acquired in real time through different instruments:  Pos terminals ,  Web Pos terminals  and  terminals Mobile Pos .

  • Sales: it  is the main tool for recording the largest number of customer purchase information.
  • Points – loyalty purse: it  is the mechanism for collecting points that facilitates customer loyalty.
  • Monetica – the privative credits wallet:  used to manage an e-money program. Thanks to the high level of security and the wide range of APIs, it can be configured for the following activities: cashback, prepaid rechargeable, prepaid disposable, postpaid.
  • Gift Card: they  are an additional loyalty tool to simplify the choice of a gift with a prepaid credit. Promotes sales and acquires new customers. It is shown that almost all users spend much more than the value of the gift card.
  • Family Card:  is a “mother” card to which multiple cards are connected to collect points and credits in a single purse.
  • Discounts : it is possible to activate promotions linked to fixed or percentage discounts that will be paid to the customer at the time of purchase.
  • Coupons : promotional campaigns can be launched via coupons or vouchers, linked to a unique bar code, given to customers at the time of purchase. With a fixed value or percentage, they can be displayed on receipts or sent via SMS and / or e-mail.
  • Instant win contests: these  are insolvency initiatives that keep the loyalty program alive. Participation in the competition can be subject to the execution of predetermined actions or the achievement of objectives by the client.
  • Co-marketing campaign management:  to make multiple loyalty campaigns interact in a co-marketing logic.
  • Management of prize catalogs:  allows the simplified management of one or more prize catalogs. It is possible to define the validity period and associate the selected prizes and create catalogs for specific categories of customers (eg: for Gold card holders).
  • Product management:  allows you to manage the products of the networks in order to register the one (s) purchased by the customer and activate targeted promotions on them.
  • Customer registry management:  performs, in a simple and meticulous way, a complete personalized and parameterized management of the consumer registry in a specific manner for each campaign.
  • Card types : it is possible to use any card encoding, both internal and from third parties.
  • Card categories : used to enhance the loyalty program by rewarding the most loyal customers.
  • Messaging:  complete and integrated allows you to communicate with your customers via e-mail, SMS and push notifications.
  • Ticket management:  allows you to customize the ticket of the movement issued by any terminal. It is possible to insert: logo, header text, footer text, signature panel at the bottom, number of copies to print.
  • Currency management:  offers the possibility to manage and parameterize all existing currencies. You can create custom currencies, e.g. the liters for the campaigns in the Petrol sector.
  • MLM: it is  used to manage get member initiatives that encourage the presentation of new customers by card holders.
  • ICR: it  is a highly performing system that allows you to automatically acquire the customer registry from standardized forms in electronic format.