Markets Transport


Try parking cards, Amagroup transit passes, your business will capture the results.

The technologies applicable to cards to manage transits, pay for parking, parking, travel offer added value for those who own them and allow the company that issues them to increase their margins by simplifying their work and making it more efficient.

The innovative technologies of  Amagroup  can support the cards allowing to manage in a faster and safer way every type of information and tariff.

RFID technology   makes access and control faster on public transport, in parking lots to pay, on trips during cruises, on buses or rail transport, etc.

With a single card you can manage different applications: payment, access control, identification and much more.

  • Benefits. increases security and optimizes efficiency, while reducing risk and cost.
  • We allow customers to perform highly secure operations that protect people, facilities, networks.
  • Complete solutions. Our solutions include innovative software, reliable hardware, secure supplies and expert service with a global impact.
  • Assistance. We work together with customers to work together to solve complex problems.
  • Flexibility. Flexibility is essential to meet specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.
  • our solutions guarantee integration with current customer systems